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I've had good coffee, I've had bad coffee, believe me, i've had some seriously bad coffee in my time.

After 15 years in the food and beverage industry, either serving or making coffee, not to mention the limitless drinking of the stuff, I set out on a mission to make the perfect cup.

My need for a decent cup of coffee turned into a passion, or more, an obsession and i soon came to the conclusion the only way to get my perfect fix was to master roasting the stuff myself. 

After learning the technique's I set out to create a blend for my guests at the restaurant I work for and the next logical step, my quest to ensure everyone can have that perfect coffee, their way.

With some support and advice from some of the most knowledgeable people in the world of Fine Dining On The Grind was born.

Fresh Drip Coffee



Hate that moment when you realise you're out of coffee?..

Our subscription coffee is completely flexible and ensures the best quality coffee is always at hand.

Whether like me you love the assurance that there is a good brew nearby or as a great gift idea for a beloved coffee junkie.

Receive our best selling blends to you doormat or be more adventurous and try our origins selection.

Different beans and countries every week.

Single Origin


For the real coffee lovers out there we have a great selection of single origin beans from around the globe.

From fruity and floral, to chocolate and spice.

South America to Indonesia.

Just let us know your taste, roast preference and grind.

life's too short for bad coffee...

Our Blends

A selection of our blends created here in the grindhouse.

Whether you prefer your coffee Buckshot espresso style or a more smooth bodied pour over we have you covered.

With more blends in the making our collection of quality blends is soon to expand.

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