Coffee of the Month

This month we have two brand new coffee for you to try.... A high scoring PNG alongside a new Decaf bean from Uganda

Ugandan - Drugar Mountain Decaf
Papua New Guinea Kenta Co-op

Origin - Uganda

Estate - Drugar Region Estates

Varietal - Arabica

Certification - ORG / RFA

Processing -  Mountain Water Decaffeination

Tasting Notes - Tarte Stone fruit with notes of honey and cinnamon, medium body and a well rounded clean finish.

Origin - Papua New Guinea


Region - Kenta, Goraka, Eastern Highlands


Varietal - Typica, Arusha, Bourbon


Grade - A/X


Altitude - 1,600 masl


Certification - Smallholder Farms


Processing - Washed


Cup Score - 83.75

Tasting Notes - Soft citric acidity, delicate body, high sweetness. Notes of brown sugar and red berries.

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