A classic collection of 12 fresh roasted single origin coffee beans from 12 countries around the globe. 

With 3 beans from each producing continent this collection is a great introduction to those who want to try something new. Giving a full experience of the differences in terroir around the globe. Chocolatey South Americans, rounded Central Americans, Fruity exotic Africans and full bodied & earthy Pacific and Asians.


This collection includes:


Brazil Santos RFA

A good Brazil coffee that has a relatively low acidity, and exhibits a nutty sweet flavor, often bittersweet with a chocolaty roast taste.


Colombian Excelso Medellin RFA

Rich acidity, medium-bodied, citrusy flavor, Aromas of sweet caremel and green grape with a clean and sweet aftertaste


Peruvian Gonzilla Estate FAIRTRADE

Creamy body with fruity overtones, mild acidty, spicy aromas and a good long clean finish.


Costa Rica Santa Anita Estate RFA

Vanilla, citrus, lively acidity, rich body, well balanced, tropical fruit, toffee, caramel. Very sweet as it cools.


Mexican Siltepec El Jaguar

Aroma is spicy with cinnamon and dark chocolate. Flavour has a round body, vanilla and tangerine notes. Has a sweetness of brown sugar and caramel. The acidity is comparable to fine lemon grass.


El Salvador - Chalcuapa - Finca San Antonio

Sweet caramel flavours and chocolate notes throughout. Vibrant acidity and medium body mellow into a creamy rich sweetness to finish.


Ethiopian Sidamo

A soft and light body when brewed. Medium-light roasted, this coffee is light-bodied with a floral-like aroma. Combined with flavors of exotic spice and wine.


Kenya Kisii Peaberry

Great floral aroma, strong notes of prominant stone fruit, cane sugar and molasses. Juicy body with a sparkling acidity.


Tanzanian Majinja Estate AA

Bright and lively acidity with notes of apple juice, orange peel, butterscotch, caramel, and dark chocolate.


Indonesia Old Brown Java

Dry earthy with deep savoury spicy notes. Heavy bodied with a long smoky finish. Musty tobacco aromas


Sumatra Mandheling

A classic Sumatra with a heavy creamy body and loamy sweet flavours of dark chocolate. It also has all the wild jungle flavours and earthiness you would expect in a Sumatran coffee.


Indian Monsoon Malabar AA

Low acidity, heavy full body with strong earthy and spicy notes with aromas of dark chocolate & cinnamon.



Global Classic Collection - 12 Origins