A collection of five classic African single origin coffee beans roasted to perfection to bring out those complex fruity and floral notes.


This collection includes:


Ethiopian Djimma

Unique flavours are enjoyed with this coffee, it has a low acidity (for an ethiopian coffee) and has notes of hibiscus and medicinal notes to follow. A short finish with a notable nutmeg aroma.


Origin: Ethiopia

Estate: Various Djimmah Estates

Varieties: Heirloom Varietals

Grade: G5

Cetification: RFA

Processing: Natural Process


Tanzania Majinja Estate

Bright and lively acidity with notes of apple juice, orange peel, butterscotch, caramel, and dark chocolate.


Origin:  Tanzania 

Estate: Majinja Farmer Estates

Altitude: 1600-1700masl

Harvest: 2019

Varietal: Heirloom Typica, SL28

Grade: AA

Certification: Conventional

Processing: Wet Processed


Rwanda Inzovu Nyakabuye

A well balanced bean with notes of vanilla and apple with a good body and bright acidity


Origin: Rwanda

Region: Nyakabuye

Altitude: 1600-1700 m above sea level

Variety: Bourbon and Typica

Process: fully-washed


Kenya Kisii Peaberry

Great floral aroma, strong notes of prominant stone fruit, cane sugar and molasses. Juicy body with a sparkling acidity.


Origin:  Kenya PB

Estate: Kisii Estate

Varietal: Heirloom Typica, SL28

Grade: PB

Certification: Conventional

Processing: Wet Processed


Ethiopian Sidamo

A soft and light body when brewed. Medium-light roasted, this coffee is light-bodied with a floral-like aroma. Combined with flavors of exotic spice and wine.


Origin: Ethiopia

Estate: Various Small Sidamo Estates

Varieties: Heirloom Varietal

Grade: GR2

Cetification: Conventional

Processing: Natural

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